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Project Description
occulo is a free steganography program, meant to embed files within images with optional encryption.


You do not have to use the command line, dragging files onto the programs icon will work.

encoding: occulo photo.jpg
output would be photo.occulo.png

decoding: occulo photo.occulo.png
output would be

Passwords need to be less than 256 characters.
If you don't want to use a password, don't enter one and press enter.
Only file data is encrypted, not the file name.

Note that occulo will overwrite any files without prompting, so be careful.
Also do not convert the output image to a lossy format like JPEG, or the embedded data will be corrupted.


This picture of a squirrel contains another picture of a squirrel.
To test it, save the image and drag it into occulo, enter no password.


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